Detailed supply list

Attached you will find the supplies I am most likely to use. As we go along, I may introduce others.

I want to encourage you to use what you have at home now. No need to go out and buy all the exact things I am using.

See this as an opportunity to play, explore and use up that stash of supplies you have on hand.

If you are new to this type of creative art journaling, don't rush out yet to buy everything.

I make a few recommendations in the list for what to get to begin with.

If you love watercolor more than acrylics, use watercolor!

I will be providing ideas and suggestions, not rules.

And if you know you want to buy the supplies and have them on hand, ready to go, Andrea Chebeleu from A Work of Heart Studio has curated a custom deluxe kit for you as well as links to the invidividual supplies:

NOTE: one addition to the list - please have some collage materials on hand: old book pages, scrap paper, magazines, etc.

Into the Garden Supply List.pdf
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