Get all 3 Mandala & Meditation courses and save 50%

This bundle is for you if you have already fallen in love with the Creative Meditation and Mandala Methodâ„¢ or you are new to this unique process that combines mindfulness and creativity.

Our 7-step process will help you to:

  • Feel more focused and energized
  • Boost your mood
  • Improve your concentration
  • Expand your creativity
  • Improve your money mindset
  • Reduce anxiety (which will improve sleep and overall wellness)
  • Slow down the whirlwind of thoughts so you can get clarity on next steps
  • Have fun!

Get all three of our mini-courses, each with its own unique theme: money, motivation and creative inspiration.

Each course includes 21 original mandalas and affirmations to support you in different areas of your life: wealth, motivation and creativity.

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